The Japan Entry Advantage

Japan Entry saves clients time and maximizes their revenues by more efficiently accelerating sales in Japan, leveraging our deep experience, relationships, market expertise, and local presence.

Japan Entry has an extensive rolodex of decision-makers at Japan’s leading OEMs, large customers, distributors, systems integrators, and solution companies. They are extremely responsive thanks to Japan Entry’s reputation for introducing quality companies and through our pinpoint targeting. We also leverage a “braintrust” of industry executives from our executive search database to refine the client’s Japan product strategy and gather market intelligence on competitors.

Japan Entry performs demand creation with customers to validate the market opportunity. Japan Entry qualifies the partners’ interest level and strategic fit. We “cross-pollinate” 2nd tier prospects to the 1st tier, in order to generate excitement and foster a “bidding war.” With our “feet on the street” we are able to deftly drive the discussions forward in parallel. Japan Entry handholds partners through the technical evaluation and business planning process. We then apply pressure to close the deals. There is no need for repeated trips to meet partners that might have been overlooked.

The net result is that clients vastly reduce the time they need to spend in-country. More importantly, we enable clients to finalize contracts with the optimal Japanese partner in order to maximize revenues. Many of our clientele tell us that in prior jobs it had taken them 9-12 months to find a Japanese distributor over 5-6 trips, and they still weren’t sure if they had found the best partner. However, we perform this task in 6-8 months with only 2-3 trips. Through rigorous coaching of partners during the business planning process, we enable clients to select the most highly motivated and strategically aligned partner possible.

Japan Entry eliminates clients’ recruitment and infrastructure costs. Thanks to our bicultural business acumen, we avoid the common pitfalls of doing business with Japanese firms. Our high energy bilingual consulting team compresses the business development timeline, and flawlessly manages projects to deal closure. With the support of our U.S. team we literally work 24/7 so that “the sun never sets” on your Japanese business development activity.