Japan Entry — Your Strategic Japan Business Development Consultant

Japan Entry is an outsourced business development and sales team that helps Western high-tech companies establish or expand sales channels in Japan and recruit core personnel to accelerate revenue growth. Japan Entry identifies qualified resellers, OEM customers and key executives to build the foundation for success in the Japanese market.

Since 1989, Japan Entry has helped clients put together over 200 distribution, OEM licensing, or joint venture deals; hired 140 Japanese Country Managers; and negotiated over $150 million in investment or prepayment transactions.

Past clients include technology start-ups just entering the Japanese market, such as Advertising.com, Barracuda, Citrix, Jumptap, MacroMedia, NetIQ, Nuance, PeopleSoft, Red Hat, Skype, and WindRiver. We have also assisted corporations already well-established in Japan such as HP, IBM, Unisys, and Network Associates, with ground-breaking business initiatives.

Japan Entry serves as a “pinch-hitter” to provide access to decision-makers, sales muscle to gain traction quickly, strategic analysis of business opportunities, and time-tested cross-cultural guidance to negotiate even the most complex business transactions smoothly. Acting as “virtual employees” our staff have extensive relationships with all the key players. We are adept at selling complex solutions, until achieving the market “traction” needed to justify hiring local staff.