M&A Consulting

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity has increased dramatically over the past several years, fueled by widespread corporate restructuring. Recently enacted laws have make divestitures much easier. For example, laws now allow the re-organization of a division as a subsidiary on a tax-free basis. Smaller start-up ventures have begun to see M&A as a viable alternative to an IPO path.

Japan Entry is active in the development of both sell side (divestiture) and buy side (acquisition) M&A transactions.

Case Studies:

Japan Entry leverages its extensive high-level corporate contacts to approach companies under the premise of a strategic investment, because well-managed, healthy companies are seldom offered openly for sale. Extensive discussions uncover the motivations and concerns of the company’s owners, from lack of successors and expansion capital, to mid-tier management quality. In the case of a divestiture, Japan Entry assists existing managers in exploring the option of a management buyout, often as a first step toward agreeing to be acquired.

M&A Phase I

  • develop presentation materials
  • analyze potential acquisition targets or acquirers
  • develop president-level contacts among target companies

M&A Phase II

  • screen acquisition targets
  • assist in identifying synergies
  • assist in developing joint business plan
  • determine:
    • valuation metrics
    • incentive structures
    • tax implications
    • ongoing management and personnel plan