OEM Sales Representation

It is critical to have a direct sales presence in Japan given the high concentration of consumer electronics, components, and telecommunications customer prospects. How do you find, engage, and negotiate with OEMs and telcos effectively? Japan Entry provides proven sales representation services to maximize the Japanese revenues of early stage Western embedded software, semiconductor, IP, and big ticket equipment vendors.

Case Studies:


Sales Representation Phase I

  • identify customer prospects
  • qualify product plans, fit, and interest level
  • determine short-list

Sales Representation Phase II

  • set up meetings in Japan
  • probe requirements, competition, evaluation process
  • explore budget, timing, organization, decision-making structure

Sales Representation Phase III

  • provide liaison to close gaps in requirements
  • agree on Statements of Work
  • negotiate purchase agreements

Sales Representation Phase IV

  • provide ongoing project management and track deliverables

Sales Representation Phase V

  • help transition to and recruit:
    (a) systems house resellers, and/or
    (b) personnel to staff a wholly-owned subsidiary

Japan Entry brings a wealth of experience in OEM sales to the table, including:

  • comprehensive network of OEM contacts
  • braintrust of executives from headhunting projects
  • ability to bridge gap between start-ups and Japanese OEMs
  • expertise in international contract negotiations
  • total bilingual support and project visibility

Bottom line: a 9-24 month Sales Rep project is significantly more effective, faster, and less expensive than hiring local staff.