Channel Audit and Realignment

When your Japanese reseller partners are not performing as well as they could be, Japan Entry assists in realigning your channel structure to maximize its effectiveness. We analyze your existing channel’s successes and failures, market coverage, industry reputation, and corporate chemistry, then compare your channel to a peer group including competitors and complementary firms. Japan Entry then identifies top-tier partners who can reinvigorate sales, and qualify them for the requisite resources and commitment. Japan Entry works with the strictest secrecy to avoid demotivating existing partners or employees.

Case Studies:

Partners sometimes lose enthusiasm after an initial burst of activity, especially after having exhausted the most immediate sales opportunities. Or partners may be facing financial or organizational pressures that make it difficult for them to focus resources on your offerings. Perhaps your partners have picked up a product line that has evolved to become competitive. In some cases, they fail to generate sales volume because they can make more money by concentrating on post-sales support and integration services. If, despite everyone’s best intentions and efforts, your partners have not been able to get the results you need, it is time to realign your channel structure.

Channel Realignment Phase I

  • audit existing partners’ performance
  • analyze channel coverage
  • compare to peer group
  • identify potential partner replacements or additions

Channel Realignment Phase II

  • qualify target partners
  • assist selected partners to develop business plans
  • negotiate partnership agreements

Channel Realignment Phase III

  • restructure existing channels
  • restructure Japan support infrastructure
  • replace key personnel