Japan Entry has extensive contacts at carriers and providers active in the mobile arena, thanks to successful work for DudaMobile, Jumptap, Skype, Vlingo, and others.



Celtra provides the industry’s #1 hosted ad creation tool for mobile display advertising campaigns. Japan Entry recruited a highly experienced Country Manager, whose previous experience included managing Google Japan’s Direct Sales and Operations Division with $450M revenues and a 32-person team. 

American Internet

Corrigo (Aligo)

Aligo’s applications range from mobile email to field force automation, empowering wireless workforces by ensuring continuous accessibility to their company’s business infrastructure. Negotiated and closed partnerships with KCS, NTI (a joint venture between Itochu and NTT), OpenTech on top of deals with Fuji Electric and TechMatrix. Generated $1.6M in total prepayments. Recruited Country Manager and SE.




DudaMobile provides a service that automatically converts PC websites to smartphone-optimized websites on-the-fly, for many leading service providers such as Google, GoDaddy, AT&T,, Intuit, Yahoo!, etc. Identified and negotiated multiple non-exclusive resellers that dominate the small business segment, including the largest Japanese flash marketing service, largest portal, largest eCommerce hosting provider, and largest hosting provider. Closed significant prepayments. Hired GM, assisted with product rollout.

“The Japan Entry team was super impressive with everything they did, from the agenda, to preparation for the meetings with partners and management of the meetings. All was done at the highest level of professionalism. They have set the bar at a very high level, my only concern is if I will be able to find another team like that in other countries Duda plans to enter.” - Itai Sadan, CEO Photo of DudaMobile team signing a Letter of Intent with executives from Recruit.

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Jumptap operates a premium and performance advertising network for mobile operators and publishers in North America and Europe. Jumptap engaged Japan Entry as its marketing consultant for Japan. Japan Entry helped negotiate a multimillion dollar investment and licensing deal in the world’s largest mobile advertising market with Japan’s #1 ad agency.

“My deepest appreciation to all of you for all your help, time, patience, diligence, and support throughout this entire process. You did a fantastic job setting up initial meetings, quickly learning our business and technology, presenting and demoing to prospective partners, and addressing any concerns that came up in discussion. We never would have been able to do this without you. On a personal level, I have enjoyed working with all of you very much. Everyone at Jumptap is very excited that in the largest mobile advertising market in the world, we have a strategic relationship with the largest advertising agency. - Jorey Ramer, Founder and VP Corporate Development “Your guidance and that of your colleagues was invaluable to us in helping us understand some of the nuances of Japanese business culture, and allowed us to see the path towards agreement. We appreciate the diligence, knowledge and skill that you all deployed on our behalf, and gratefully acknowledge the difference that it made. Thank you.” - David Kahan, General Counsel



Kontagent provides a mobile app business intelligence service to determine the performance of apps such as purchase conversion rates, usage issues, and design problems. Japan Entry opened doors to the decision-makers at Japan’s top 20 app companies, creating a multimillion dollar sales pipeline.

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Meez (Pulse3D)

Meez (Pulse3D) provides animation and lipsynch technology to create avatars and virtual characters from still images. Signed nearly $1M in prepayments from large PC OEM, #1 mobile content provider, and 2 SI’s, despite failure of both a prior JV and Softbank e-Entry’s consulting project. Hired GM.

“Your work and support has been superior and one of the best that I’ve ever worked with.”

- Mark Yahiro, CEO



mFormation is an OTA software provider. Hired a Country Manager with strong solution sales, evangelistic marketing, applications, and P&L management skills. Previously, he doubled sales in two years at Cobalt and was the Director of Business Development at the Netscape Japan start-up.



Myriad Group (Esmertec)

Esmertec is an embedded middleware provider. Hired former sales manager at WindRiver who achieved 25% of WindRiver’s sales in the automotive arena. He began his career at Omron in software and prototype hardware R&D.



Myriad Group (Insignia)

Insignia (now part of Esmertec) is a provider of Java Virtual Machine technology. Negotiated agreement with Next Nets Corporation of Japan enabling Next Nets use of Insignia’s Jeode platform to implement its Windows CE-based mobile terminal system. Japan Entry succeeded in creating Insignia’s first ever sale and customer reference, helping to validate the technology. Japan Entry also hired Insignia Japan’s Country Manager, who after four successful years, became the Country Manager of Symbian Japan following Insignia’s acquisition by Esmertec.

“Japan Entry’s knowledge of the market and negotiating capabilities were the keys to establishing our first global relationship for Insignia’s Jeode platform. We are very pleased that this company was able to facilitate such an auspicious beginning for us.”

Marshall Kwait, Vice President Sales


Nuance (Vlingo)

Nuance (Vlingo) develops a cloud-based Virtual Assistant for mobile phone, smart TV, or auto users to use voice commands to search, navigate, send messages, update their Facebook page, etc. Vlingo engaged Japan Entry as its market entry consultant for Japan. Identified and closed OEM customer deals with Clarion, others.


Nuance (Voice Signal)

VoiceSignal Technologies develops speech recognition for embedding into mobile devices. Japan Entry recruited the former Country Manager of ScanSoft, a speech recognition industry veteran.


Nuance (Zicorp)

Zi Corporation provides text entry solutions for mobile devices. Negotiated OEM deals with Sony and Nintendo for gaming products. Sold license for Decuma to Hitachi and others.

“I really appreciated your excellent work to organize this show, and everything is great. To my understanding, this is the first marketing program we had so far in Japan. We had four people on the booth duty the whole day, answering all kinds of questions, and made all those people very happy and satisfied with our attitude and answers. It is very useful to increase our branding in Japan. My highest respect to you and all Japan Entry friends who made this event success. During the event, I also found some good prospects. Again, thank you for your contribution to us in Japan.” - Jackie Zhang, Sales Director, Asia

RedBend (Virtual Logix)

Virtual Logix provides Linux on DSPs and multi-core chips. Hired the start-up manager from Lantronix Japan, who built OEM relationships with Fujitsu, IBM, HP. He combines aggressive sales capabilities with strategic skills.

“I am a fan of your company and its people.” - Peter Richards, CEO

Virtual Logix

Reflection Technology

Miniature display vendor. Established technology licensing agreement with NTT DoCoMo for creation of integrated cellular dataphone prototype, demonstrated at Telecomm 95 Geneva, and marketed extensively to eight Japanese cellular service providers.

Developed OEM licensing agreement with Nintendo for use of technology in Virtual Boy game machine. Generated $5M investment by Nintendo, first ever in a U.S. company.

Raised multimillion dollar seed financing from Mitsui & Co.




Skype is the world’s largest VoIP service provider. Skype engaged Japan Entry as its international marketing consultant for Japan. Japan Entry assisted Skype to close a mega-deal with KDDI including Skype enablement of smartphones and feature phones on the KDDI network, as well as other door-opening activities for Skype’s Japanese subsidiary.


Smith Micro (Insignia)

Insignia is a leading developer of Firmware Over-the-Air updating solutions for the cellphone industry. Japan Entry assisted with a critical trial with Vodafone Japan.



Synchronoss (fusionOne)

fusionOne is the developer of Internet Sync software and services. Recruited former president of BMC Software Japan who had achieved 15% of worldwide sales at Boole & Babbage.