Japan Entry has extensive contacts at resellers of multimedia tools, thanks to successful work for Avid, Macromedia, Reader’s Digest and others.

Adobe (Authorware)

MacroMedia/Authorware develops CBT authoring software. Established exclusive distribution partnership for Authorware with ASCII. Established OEM agreement with NEC for the bundling of a $80 cut-down version of Authorware’s $8,000 product on NEC’s first multimedia PC. Negotiated $3.2M investment from ASCII, which assigned 20 marketing, sales, and technical personnel to the project.

“We knew the market potential was extremely significant in Japan, but needed a partner powerful enough to help us fully capitalize on that opportunity. Japan Entry went above and beyond the call of duty by cross-pollinating the partner search effort with a direct sale to NEC. Not only did that arrangement hasten the conclusion of our agreement with ASCII, but it substantially increased the transaction value with the addition of a $3.2M investment and the dedication of 20 people to the project. Without Japan Entry’s understanding of the market and plain, old-fashioned persistence, what we accomplished simply would not have happened.” - John C. “Bud” Colligan, President & CEO


Adobe (Paracomp)

Paracomp develops 3D animation software. Signed distribution agreement with #1 Macintosh software company.


Arris (SecureMedia)

SecureMedia is a developer of video Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. Japan Entry negotiated a $4.25M investment (at $23M post-money valuation) from Sony and TransCosmos for this five-person company. Sony thereafter incorporated the technology in its WeGA tvs.


Ascendtech (MP Technology)

MP Technology is Japan’s leading provider and systems integrator of Video-on-Demand systems for the hospitality industry. Japan Entry made an equity investment and advised on the company’s personnel and partnering strategy, helping it grow from 20 to over 700 employees.

MP Technology


Avid Technology provides digital editing software for film and video. Developed exclusive distribution partnership with Photron, which at the time was the only company to have both PC and video editing expertise, stemming from activities with CAD/digitizers and distribution of Rank Cintel film-to-video conversion equipment. Avid generated 30% of its first year revenues from Japan.

“Japan Entry undertook a major challenge in helping Avid find a partner with capabilities in both the PC and video arenas. Japan has grown to become the flagship of Avid’s Asia-Pacific operations.” - Curt Rawley, President


Big Fish Fames

Big Fish Games is a leading developer of casual games with a significant subscription base in Japan. Identified key market issues and identified/finalized marketing agency.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 11.43.59 AM

Boris FX (Media 100)

Media 100 is a supplier of digital video authoring systems. Identified and negotiated localization and distribution partnership with Image and Measurement Inc. (IMI), which dedicated a team of 15 to the project and achieved nearly $10M in annual revenues in two years.

“Japan Entry had the direct industry experience and contacts necessary to make a successful entrance into Japan. ” - John Molinari, CEO

Media 100

Corbis (eMotion)

Corbis Cinebase is a provider of hosted digital media asset management. Served as board director, raised $5M from Apple and Intel.



Innodata provides eBook digitization services. Japan Entry helped identify, close, and manage the accounts of various high volume eBook publishers in Japan, including Rakuten Kobo, Harlequin Comics, Toyo Keizai, PHP and others. The company logged its 500th eBook conversion within half a year of project initiation.

The Learning Company (MECC)

MECC develops educational multimedia software such as “The Oregon Trail.” Japan Entry cemented a distribution and localization partnership with Marubeni.



Magian is a developer of multimedia user interface software for the museum industry. Signed non-exclusive distribution and outsourcing agreement with a major integrator with a $1M project.


Microsoft (Exos)

Exos is a developer of force feedback (haptic) technology. As a Board Director, supervised company strategy, and helped negotiate sale to Microsoft.


Microsoft (Vxtreme)

Vxtreme developed variable bandwidth video streaming technology. The company was acquired by Microsoft. Japan Entry negotiated letters of intent with three prominent systems integrators, including $560K in prepayments, and increased the company’s valuation.


Novell (Fluent Machines)

Fluent Machines is a developer of streaming video technology. Raised $1M investment into Fluent Machines from ASCII’s Kay Nishi who is known as the “Bill Gates of Japan.”



PureDepth makes 2.5D displays for use in Pachinko games and digital signage. Japan Entry recruited the former GM of MicroTouch 3M touch displays.


Qphonics (Klotz)

Klotz is a provider of digital public address audio equipment. Japan Entry signed an exclusive Japanese distributor.


Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest develops high quality English language learning DVDs. Identified and closed exclusive distribution deal with the #1 reseller of consumer software.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 11.48.05 AM


RosettaStone is a provider of language-learning software. Hired strong business-to-consumer sales professional as Country Manager.

Rosetta Stone


Signiant is a video file transfer and workflow provider. Negotiated a distribution deal with the #1 Avid distributor, including a significant prepayment.

“Thank you very much for coordinating an impressive set of meetings this week with potential partners and customers and for taking good care of me. You did an outstanding job lining up meetings with partner prospects in each market segment and the participants in many meetings included key business and technical decision makers and influencers. The schedule was packed from morning to night and everyone on your team managed the itinerary exceptionally well and on several occasions we had to dynamically adjust the schedule when meetings ran late due to strong interest or intense questioning. It was a very productive trip and I’m exhausted!” - Robert Browne, VP Business Development and Founder “This was a well coordinated effort and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks to the entire team for a doing such a professional job and executing on time. Signiant’s global expansion has just reached another milestone. Onwards to Japan!!” - Dennis Albano, CEO “Yet again….. another fantastic job by you and your team. Thanks for helping us find this excellent partner in a very important market.” - Rick Cramer, SVP Global Operations


SumTotal Systems (AimTech)

AimTech provides interactive multimedia applications. Established exclusive distribution partnership as well as an OEM deal with Toshiba which led to customer relationships with Nintendo, etc.

“In addition to a wide network of connections in the multimedia industry, Japan Entry played an extremely significant role in helping us develop our strategic approach to Japan. Without Japan Entry’s inside industry expertise, we would have been able to realize only a fraction of the ROI in the Japanese market.” - Usman Ismail, President & CEO



TechSmith develops screen capture and video presentation software for prosumers. Researched the potential for different business models and marketing campaigns and identified additional channels and target markets.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 11.49.48 AM

Transparent Language

Transparent Language markets computer-aided language learning software. Identified and negotiated distribution/localization partnership with the multimedia subsidiary of Japan’s leading publisher of textbooks and dictionaries.

Transparent Language