Exclusive Partnership Development

Below is a list of representative exclusive partner development projects that Japan Entry has conducted in the past.

  • Attachmate (micro-to-mainframe connectivity) : Consolidated channels under an exclusive distributor, downsized from 25 to 6 people.
  • Aventail (extranet security) : Signed distribution deal with $500K prepayment.
  • Avid (non-linear digital video editing system) : Signed exclusive partner, who generated 30% of first year revenues.
  • BrightTag (tag management) : Signed six-figure prepay with Yahoo! Japan, to provide the foundation for a new ad network, open to third party ad-serving for the first time in Y!J’s history.
  • eCopy (imaging solutions) : Signed $3M marketing deal which lead to $15.8M investment by Canon, recruited staff.
  • Kana/Servicesoft (helpdesk knowledgebase): CTC (world’s #1 reseller of Sun), including $500K prepayment and $1M investment.
  • MacroMedia (multimedia authoring) : Signed exclusive distributorship, raised $3.2M in equity, closed NEC bundling deal.
  • MicroStrategy (BI) : Signed exclusive reseller. Recruited Country Manager.
  • Shavlik (patch management): Partnered with the top distributor of network tools, including a high six-figure prepayment.